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Creating mailing list application, the beginning November 1, 2006

Posted by _netoLopez in design, mlists, programming, projects, web2.0.

Hello, for my first real post here, I’ll attempt to step thru the design, development, and possibly the implementation of a simple, extendable application to manage mailing/distribution lists (this accomplished by a series of posts =D).

(this is my first post and getting familiarized with linking and inserting images :P)

A mailing list, as I grasp the concept, would be a list of emails that grows as interested people subscribe to the list because they want to receive periodic updates on a certain topic.  They can also unsuscribe when they choose to of course.

The series of posts relating the mailingList component, will try to adhere to the following toc:

  • requirements
  • backend design
  • class(es) design
  • choosing the technology set
  • showing some code
  • maybe implementing somewhere, or choices

Requirements – Starting from the beginning

I’ll list some basic requirements that should be present in the solution:

  • manage lists
    • add
    • delete
    • edit
  • subscribe
  • unsubscribe
  • distribute

That looks like a simple, yet functional set of requirements for our project…  This one other comes to my mind, but I’ll exclude it to keep simplicity [html or plain text format as preference].

The Backend design (as in where to store the data)

{this rich text control on wordpress is really cool! easy to use!!}

This is how I envision the dataStore entities, I may change my mind as we go ahead 😛

  • mlists
    • list_id : string [PK]
    • list_name : string
    • list_desc : string
    • expires : date
  •  mlists_entries
    • entry_id : number [PK]
    • list_id : string
    • inbox : string
    • expires : date

description of mlists: in this table, we would manage the list set.  Here’s where we would add new lists, edit them if necessary, and “remove” them.  There are some scenarios where deleting does not necessarily means DELETE, but hide… that’s what the [expires] field will do, if the date stored here is smaller than “current_date”, that means it is inactive. 

description of mlists_entries: here, we will keep track of the emails that are subscribed to a certain list from [mlists].  [expires] serves the same function as in [mlists].

my time’s up, but I’ll continue in a bit 😀



1. Roberto - November 1, 2006

Hey Neto, good to read you, I’m sure this is gonna be an excellent blog, the first post looks very good, 🙂

2. The Logical Layer (mlists) « Anything goes :: - November 7, 2006

[…] Wrapping up the MailingList class This is all the code I placed on the MailingList class. It covers all the requirements listed in the first post of this series (mlists).  My next entry will touch some activities I did when implementing the user interface portion of the project. […]

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