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Mailinglist app, round two November 2, 2006

Posted by _netoLopez in database, mlists, programming, projects, web2.0.

 Class(es) design

Now that we have 2 tables to support our application, I’ll mock up a class or two… I’ll keep it simple and not bother with layers…

OK, the MailingList class:

I’ll start with the properties:

  • Code
  • Name
  • Description

Now for some methods:

  • Initialize(string code)
    • this would be the constructor
  • Create(string code, string name, string description)
    • this will be used to create a new mailing list!; I would like this to be a static method
  • Expire()
    • this one will “remove” an active mailing list and mark it inactive
  • Subscribe(string inbox)
    • this will add a new email to a list
  • Unsubscribe(string inbox)
    • this one will “remove” an email from a list
  • Publish(string htmlContent)
    • this one will send an email with the specified content to each entry in the list!
  • Update(string name, string description)
    • here, we can edit the name and the description for the list, the code will remain the same forever…. 😈 {thx pako!}

Well, looks like this class has it all !! 😀

… so I guess the next step would be to start coding… the next item in the toc (table of contents ❗ ) is “choosing the technology”…

Don’t know if I can make a poll in wordpress {I’m thinking that could be the topic for the next series of posts} so I’ll rely on the comments to let readers (you!) suggest, or better phrased, pick the technology set to develop this project.

Here’re the choices…

Database choices

  • MSAccess
  • MS SQLServer (express edition)
  • Oracle 10g (express edition)
  • MySQL

Programming Language choices

  • .Net vb
  • .Net c#
  • php
  • java (j2ee)
  • vb6 (what the hey…)

Keep in mind that the produced class will be used in a web environment, so for User Interface (GUI) I’ll choose that part based on the programming language. Meaning if .Net is selected, we’ll use ASP.NET; if php is selected, we’ll use php; if java is selected, we’ll use JSP; as for vb6, we’ll use ASP.NET.

As for application container, that is also linked to the programming language.  On my mind choices are IIS and tomcat. Right now I do not see Apache in the picture as I’ve never configured it :S.

Another thing, this blog has no readers so the final decision may end up being my preferences 😛 !

Another consideration I would take follows: I have places (at least I think I do) to host on internet (yey!) solutions on .net and php and this could lead to a post for implementation…

Feel free to comment in either english or spanish !



1. Francisco Jimenez - November 3, 2006

Hi Neto!

You have a really nice blog here… I like what you are going to do , I think the idea is good. When I read you post you mentioned something about be able to modify the list and I think you forgot to include that method, but really I like the way it is written.

2. netolopez - November 3, 2006

thanks for the heads up. I did miss the Update() method on the class definition :mrgreen:

3. Jaime Banda - November 6, 2006

Hello .NET o:

Congratulations!!! You did it, your blog is really good and I think it would help a lot of people that is really interested in technology, specially for people that is working with us….
Now its time to give the next step.. Perhaps starting a Podcast?

4. Jaime Banda - May 28, 2008

Hey Net.O have you had time to update your blog?!?!?!?!?!?!

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