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Author Background

Hello, let me introduce myself:

I was born in Hermosillo Sonora, MX. I’ve been out-of-school for some time now and been working mainly on the Manufacturing Industry in the IT department.

I graduated from Industrial Engineering Major but have been working on programming (design, development, implementation) of tailored applications for manufacturing, and the related support departments (like quality, warehouse/materials, scheduling, human resources …).

My first job was for an electronic company and I started developing my programming skills with vb5 & msAccess (later as applications got bigger moved to vb6 + SqlServer); I was very curious to learn about dynamic web pages and the first technology that I encountered there was ColdFusion, so I got me a “ColdFusion for dummies” book; I read that and made some samples and all was ok and exciting 😀 … but then I bumped into ASP… 😯 !

I started learning about the Request and the Response and the Session :mrgreen: … I could use vbscript on the server side to do all the stuff I could do in a vb6 application (most of at least 🙂 ). By this time I was proficient with HTML, Javascript, vbScript, SQL.

Next, I worked for an HVAC industry where they wanted to do all kinds of web stuff… As soon as applications were getting user acceptance and even serving multiple manufacturing plants, the corporate gods stopped the local IT efforts and imposed the standard company technologies… that’s where I started doing JAVA and Oracle :D.

I got to learn JAVA, JSP, javabeans, Oracle stuff, tomcat… 😎

Even thou ASP was “banned”, I started to look into .Net as it was getting popular, and also did some php on the side to see how it compared to these other options I had tried.

After a while, I went to another electronic company and this is where I did a lot of .net coding.

After all this I can say the technology wagon moves very fast and there is no time to waste.

Happy coding !



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